Swale Combined AC


Annual Membership

Annual Membership is due on MARCH 1ST each year and is to be paid as soon as possible.

Please download and print the form below, complete pages 1+2 and return them to Andrew or Richard Scoones at training. Please also note you do not need to return pages 3+4. These pages are for your information only! Also for your indormation are the Club Rules and Constitution and Child + Vulnerable Adult protection policy.

Swale Combined AC Membership Form

Club Rules and Constitution

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Weekly Training Fee

  • Summer and Winter Training Sessions fee is £5 per attending week. This is regardless of how many sessions you attend each week. (Athletes can train up to three times on one weekly fee)
  • Athletes on invite only sessions for Summer Friday night will get this included in their £5 fee.

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